Me: Hello
God: Hello friend. What is your name?
Me: Karst
God: What's up, Karst.
Me: The roof...
God: Thanks for the info.
Me: I want to confess
God: Why do you want to do it so much?
Me: Because I did something bad...
God: Good reason. Where? What?
Me: In a store... I killed someone
God: Describe your surroundings. You had better call the authorities.
Me: Well, he wasn't giving me enough change, so I ripped out his spinal cord and beat him to death with it
God: How about that. When was he?
Me: What?
God: Are you confused?
Me: Yes...
God: What are you confused about?
Me: Why I didn't take his watch...
God: How much time do you have?
Me: Too much?
God: More than a ton?
Me: Uhm, yeah
God: I lost my train of thought.
Me: Yeah, I noticed...
God: Hey. Was it really that obvious?
Me: Yes
God: Next question?